The Crypto Community Reward Token.
Where YOU get rewarded to Donate!

Why Dreams?

Our project came to life on the 12th of February 2022.


On that day we started uniting Charity lovers and Crypto heads,

by providing a platform where people can purchase our Charity token.

Holders of our token will be rewarded with reflections(more tokens).


Our token is called "Liquidity - The Base of Dreams".


Whenever someone buys or sells our token, we reserve 2%

of the transaction and add this to the charity/development wallet.


Periodically we will make a donation in name of our token holders

to a selected charity organization and post proof on our website.


As more and more people adopt our token and our community grows,

the volume of transaction will also increase and build up larger donations.


With our donations we aim to support charity organizations

that make a difference for people and animals in need.


Our Community Driven Decentralized token was built on the Binance

BlockChain and has the name Liquidity.


Liquidity contract: 0x3c06c186a80c9d4d58c 724bfb6fb06c71ac34c60.




Total tokens that have ever been created(minted)
🔐 RugPull Safe! Auto LP Token BURN
🔐 100% LP LOCKED!(1 Year)
🔐 Team Tokens LOCKED!

Burned so far:
🔐 10.89% LP Burned
🔐 7.17% Burned tokens (hyper deflation)

Distribution on every buy/sell:
🚀 2% to Holders
🔐 4% to LiquidityPool
🔥 2% to BURN address!
🙏 2% to Charity/Marketing
🚀 5% to REBUY

Hyper Deflation
🚀 5% ReBuy when tokens are sold
Anti Whale Mechanics
🔐 3% max Buy/Sell/Wallet of TotalSupply
Set Slippage to Buy 10% / Sell 16%
Every time someone buys/sells Liquidity tokens
the system will take 10%/15% in taxes and distribute them as follows:
2% will be distributed to all HOLDERS of Liquidity tokens
4% will go to the Locked Liquidity Pool to Build Stability
2% will be BURNED FOREVER (sent to DEAD wallet/address)
2% will go to the Charity / Development wallet
5% will be used to BuyBack when someone sells.
We have implemented an Anti Whale mechanism that only allows
buys/wallets/sells of maximum 3% of the TotalSupply.
This will prevent pump and dump buys/sales.
CA: 0x3c06c186a80c9d4d58c 724bfb6fb06c71ac34c60
Dev: 0xe6561874d480a2aea20 c5290cd2b16e25827bd08
Charity: 0x1f7850249a98985ef 5d09397f5733fd2af56fd01



Roadmap & Marketing

On the 12th of February 2022 we started our journey
and stealth launched our "Liquidity" token!


Roadmap & Marketing
This roadmap and marketing plan is a rough guide to where we want to go.
Some goals require a certain number of holders before we can do them
(such as adding a logo to trust wallet or getting listed on CMC & CG)
and other things that require a certain amount of money.
Roadmaps are always flexible.
Whenever we qualify (or have enough funds) to do something
that will help the project and/or token, we will do it.
There is always plenty that can be done at each stage of our growth.

Advertise / promote socials everywhere
Shilling via Telegram shill groups (where permitted)
Invite new #DreamsArmy members to our community
Ongoing promotions via social channels
Grow our #DreamsArmy community
Organize contests & giveaways


Less than 500 Holders
Create Reddit post(done!)
Adding Whitepaper
Create Telegram Sticker Pack
Design project images/banners/logo
Update Website, Twitter and Telegram
Add to Listing Sites (Coinsniper, CoinHunt, etc.)
Create Shill Messages, Promotional Tweets and Images


Over 500 Holders
Add Socials and Logo to BSCScan
Expanding our Telegram team
Expanding our Project Team
Over 1,000 Holders

First Charity Donation
Ordering Contract Audit
Apply for CoinGecko
Apply for CoinMarketCap


Over 2,500 Holders
Apply for listing on other respected platforms
Marketing (ads/influencers)
Development of NFT's
Over 5,000 Holders

Designing & Releasing our merchandize line
Plus many more great ideas for our project
Future Roadmap (2022-....)

Exchange Listings



Get in Touch

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Disclaimer & DYOR
DISCLOSURE: By purchasing Liquidity and/or Dreams tokens, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract of any sort. You also agree not to hold the team, owner, developer or any person related to the project liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although the projects Liquidity & Dreams are a community driven DeFi ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure you are in compliance with the local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. Cryptocurrencies are not a legal tender and are no investments. Always Do Your Own Research(DYOR) as we(the Liquidity & Dreams project team) are never liable for any damages caused by your decision to buy/sell/hold project tokens. Although the team will never intentionally hurt the projects in any way, you will never hold us liable for any wrong doing or technical malfunctions whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to hosting, contract(script) errors or whatever causes problems from within or outside the project. It is totally your responsibility if you decide to interact with our projects in whatever way.